Ensuring that the company’s products are of the highest quality is a primary objective of KORFI S.A. In order to achieve this goal we:

-Ensure that the animals are healthy by regular checks from veterinarians

-Check and approve the animals’ nutrition
-Make sure that the farms follow a daily cleaning and disinfecting program
-Do daily analyses (macroscopic, microbiological and chemical)

– Follow strict rules of health and safety at all stages of milk processing
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Our premises

KORFI S.A is situated at a contemporary building near the village of Kato Agios Ioannis where the production and sale of all our products take place. The company is always investing on new technology, more up-to-date machinery, laboratory equipment and storage. We are also investing on environmental protection and recycling. A recent investment is a […]


KORFI S.A emphasizes on the quality of milk. We collect the milk that we process, from nearby farms. The proximity of the dairy farms ensures extra freshness. The milk is processed within a few hours from milking. The health of the animals in the co-operating farms is of great importance for our company, as healthy […]

Our company

KORFI S.A Milk and Dairy Industry is located at Katerini, in Northern Greece. It started its activities in 2003. In our region, the springs of mount Olympus, along with the green pastures create the perfect backdrop for the production of high quality milk. We are committed in producing high quality dairy products that every home […]