Natural juices

Greece is blessed with plenty of sunshine and Mediterranean climate. KORFI fresh fruit juices, give you the best nature has to offer; they replenish moisture and promote wellness. The harmonious marriage of flavors awakens the senses!



The next step is pasteurization, a process that eliminates all pathogenic microorganisms but does not affect its nutrients. Then it is homogenized and is ready for bottling.


KORFI’s yogurts are made from same day fresh milk only. The milk is checked thoroughly at all stages of production ensuring that KORFI products are the best products we can have in our fridge. The close distances of the livestock units make it possible to process the milk within a few hours of milking.

Drinking Yogurt

Our probiotic drinks are available either plain or in combination with fruits such as strawberry. They are low in fat , rich in calcium and help maintain a healthy lifestyle. We also produce drinking yogurts with the famous kefir culture, known from the early years to promote longevity and well-being.